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Fellowships & Awards

Other Awards

William A. Beardslee Prize

The William A. Beardslee Prize in Religious Literature, given annually, which honors the contributions of William A. Beardslee, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, is for the best paper submitted about religion in a course offered by the College.

2022-2023 Winners 

1st Place:
Student:  Gabriele Ka Young Kim
Course number: HC 658
Instructor:  Helen Kim
Semester: Fall 2022
Paper Title: “Christianity as Empowerment in Late Choseon Korea: a Case Study of a Convert, Melissa Kim”

2nd Place: 
Student:  Saanya Z Kapasi
Course number: REL 370
Instructor:  Jill Robbins
Semester: Fall 2022
Paper Title: “No Justice: A Legal Critique of the Book of Job”


Paul B. Courtright Prize

The Paul B. Courtright Prize is awarded annually for overall excellence among majors in the Department.

Olivia Katherine Metzger-2023
Barrett Alexander Beesley- 2022 
Angelica R. Abraham-2021
Emma Averill Hanlon - 2020


John Fenton Prizes

The John Fenton Prizes in the Comparative Study of Religion, given annually, this fund will support two prizes, at a graduate and undergraduate level, in the comparative study of religions. The prizes will be awarded to those students whose work represents the best in the comparative study of religions: rigor, textual or ethnographic depth, and innovation in comparative work.

Undergraduate Recipients:
Barrett Alexander Beesley- 2022
Nathaniel Jonah Goldblum- 2021
Sally Jenks – First Price- 2020
Caroline Elise Wilkinson - Honorable Mention- 2020

Graduate Recipients:
Nelly Wamaitha Wambui- 2023
Hyemin Joanne Na- 2022
Joi R. Orr - 2021
Timothy Mark Rainey II- 2021
Siti Sarah Muwahidah- 2020


Eugene Bianchi Prize

The Eugene Bianchi Prize in Religion is awarded each year to an undergraduate Religion major who demonstrates outstanding service to the community in a way that integrates his or her studies in religion with a commitment to engaged scholarship. Nominations will be submitted by the Religion faculty.

Ella Caitlyn Morgen- 2023
Jalista A. Velasco- 2022
Zion R. Kidd- 2021

Ava Lauren Shaevel- 2020