June 3-5, 1999 

Emory University 

Atlanta, Georgia USA 




We are constantly being 
astonished these days 
at the amazing discoveries 
in the field of violence. 

But I maintain that far more 
undreamt of and seemingly 
impossible discoveries will 
be made in the field of 


The Colloquium on Violence & Religion (COV&R) with Emory University invites you to participate in its 1999 Annual Meeting, an international symposium designed to advance the conference hypothesis:
A 'full spectrum' of violence reduction theory and practice already exists, ranging from primate studies to international affairs with much more in-between, and needing only to be correlated in order that new syntheses can emerge to propagate violence-free societies throughout the next millennium.
COV&R is an international and interdisciplinary association of scholars dedicated to explore, criticize, and develop "the mimetic model" (René Girard) of the relationship between violence and religion in the generation and maintenance of culture.Scholars/ practitioners of all disciplines, however, are encouraged to submit papers and workshop proposals that will make available, or provide critical resources for, a 'best theory/practice' repertory for violence reduction.  The conference format will permit only brief synopses of papers or sample workshop presentations and practicums, thus allowing opportunities for audience response and participant assessment.

Call for papers/proposals deadline: January 15, 1999
Registration deadline: April 15, 1999



To register for the conference, please fill out and mail the attached registration form.

To send papers/proposals, request registration materials, or for other conference information contact:
 Professor Thee Smith                               Telephone: 404-727-5337
 Department of Religion                                       Fax: 404-727-7597
Callaway Center                                      E-mail: covr @emory.edu
                                               Emory University
                                               Atlanta, GA  30322

Visit the COV&R web site at: http://info.uibk.ac.at/c/c2/c204/drama/bulletin

Additional information:

Emory resources in violence reduction also range along a spectrum.  At one end of the spectrum are found primate studies in animal conflict resolution conducted at the Yerkes Primate Center.  At the other end is the international conflict resolution program of the Carter Center (also associated with Emory). Hence the conference offers a rare opportunity for an inclusive framework: "from primates to nations".  Along that spectrum we find other valuable theory/practice  resources at Emory and in Atlanta, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

On the one hand COV&R members in particular, in addition to other scholars/ practitioners familiar with the work of René Girard, are strongly urged to address the conference theme with close attention to "the mimetic model of the relationship between violence and religion in the genesis and maintenance of culture." The COV&R Bulletin http://info.uibk.ac.at/c/c2/c204/drama/bulletin

On the other hand other scholars/practitioners are warmly encouraged to submit papers and practicum proposals that will lead to a wider repertory of best resources for violence reduction theory and practice in the next millennium.  COV&R welcomes presentations within and across all disciplines including: literary criticism and aesthetics, political science, economics, social ethics, biblical theology, systematic theology and philosophy, psychology and psychiatry, gender studies, education, social practices and performance theory/practice, anthropology, and religious studies

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