Kate Rosenblatt

Jay and Leslie Cohen Assistant Professor of Religion and Jewish Studies

Office: S218 Callaway Memorial Center

Email: krosen6@emory.edu

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Department of Religion, Emory University

Mailstop: 1535/002/1AA
537 Kilgo Cir., S214 Callaway Bldg.

Atlanta, GA 30322


Kate Rosenblatt is a historian of American religion with a focus on the history and experience of American Jews.  She earned a BA in American history from Columbia University (2006), a BA in Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages from the Jewish Theological Seminary (2006), and both an MA in Jewish Studies (2009) and a PhD in American history (2016) from the University of Michigan.

Kate’s first book, Cooperative Battlegrounds: Farmers, Workers, and the Search for Economic Alternatives (under contract, History of American Capitalism series, Columbia University) details the efforts of a coalition of Americans – workers, farmers, religious clergy and their laities, labor activists, reforms, state and federal bureaucrats, and others – to put forward an alternative expression of American capitalism by way of producer and consumer cooperatives across the twentieth century.   

She is also at work on a second book project, a reappraisal of the post-World War II American Jewish left.

Alongside her research, Kate loves teaching at Emory.  Past courses offered include:

            *Introduction to Jewish Studies

            *American Jewish History

            *Religion in America

            *Religion and Capitalism in America

            *Religion and the Constitution

            *Southern Jewish History

            *American Jewish Popular Culture

            *Jewish Women in the Modern World